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Flexible Privacy via Disguising and Revealing (MIT PhD Thesis)

Lillian Tsai

Edna: Disguising and Revealing User Data in Web Applications (SOSP 2023)

Lillian Tsai, Hannah Gross, Frans Kaashoek, Eddie Kohler, Malte Schwarzkopf

Privacy Heroes Need Data Disguises (HotOS 2021)

Best presentation runner-up
Lillian Tsai, Malte Schwarzkopf, Eddie Kohler

CaSA: End-to-end Quantitative Security Analysis of Randomly Mapped Caches (MICRO 2020)

Intel Hardware Security Academic Award Finalist
Thomas Bourgeat, Jules Drean, Yuheng Yang, Lillian Tsai, Joel Emer, Mengjia Yan

Are We Susceptible to Rowhammer? An End-to-End Methodology for Cloud Providers (IEEE S&P 2020)

Lucian Cojocar, Jeremie Kim, Minesh Patel, Lillian Tsai, Stefan Saroiu, Alec Wolman, Onur Mutlu

enClosure: Group Communication via Encounter Closures (MobiSys 2019)

Lillian Tsai, Roberta De Viti, Matthew Lentz, Stefan Saroiu, Bobby Bhattacharjee, Peter Druschel

A Revised and Verified Proof of the Scalable Commutativity Rule (arXiv 2018)

Lillian Tsai, Eddie Kohler, Frans Kaashoek, Nickolai Zeldovich

Concurrent Algorithms in Transactional Data Structures (Harvard Thesis)

Lillian Tsai

Type Aware Transactions for Faster Concurrent Code (Eurosys 2016)

Nathaniel Herman, Jeevana Inala, Yihe Huang, Lillian Tsai, Eddie Kohler, Barbara Liskov, Liuba Shrira


In addition to the collaborators above, I owe special thanks to the constant support and mentorship from the following computer scientists:

  • Eddie Kohler (Harvard)
  • Malte Schwarzkopf (Brown)
  • Frans Kaashoek (MIT)
  • Philip Levis (SR@G)
  • Kim Keeton (SR@G)
  • Anastasia Ailamaki (SR@G)
  • Stefan Saroiu (MSR)
  • Peter Druschel (MPI-SWS)
  • Roberta De Viti (MPI-SWS)
  • Matthew Lentz (Duke)
  • Joel Emer (MIT)
  • Margo Seltzer (UBC)